protection fence

Gate for Fence Protection 0,68×0,99 with safety lock

Gate for Protection Fence 0,68 x 0,99

Security Lock Kit with alarm 2 hinges and 1 lock

Safety Lock Kit with 2 hinges and 1 lock

Sodramar offers protective fences for swimming pools, giving special priority to the protection of children and pets.

Reliable and Efficient Protection: Designed to prevent accidents, they delimit the perimeter of the pool, providing a safe environment.

Modularity and Flexibility: Available in modules of different sizes, they adapt to various shapes and sizes of pools, with a height of 1,00m for adequate safety.

Design and Durability: Made of polyester coated in PVC and aluminum with electrostatic painting, they resist corrosion and UV rays. They are lightweight, detachable and easy to install and maintain.

Adaptation for All Swimming Pools: With an adjustment system, they can be installed in any type of pool, including irregularly shaped ones.

Complementary Components: They include devices for columns, turnbuckles, anchor bolts and finishing covers for holes when disassembled.

Personalization and Security: They offer customization options, such as adding a gate and security lock.

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Safety first: prevent accidents in the pool.