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Pool Heating

Explore efficient and sustainable options for heating pools leads to two main technologies: heat exchangers and solar heating systems. 

Heat exchangers, with variations from the energy efficiency of the Inverter to the durability of titanium, ensure a pleasant water temperature in an adaptable way. 

In parallel, the solar heating Sodramar, through its collector plates, offers an ecological alternative, taking advantage of solar energy. Both solutions increase the comfort of using the pool, while maintaining a commitment to the environment.

Sodramar Heat Exchanger Models

1. Inverter Heat Exchanger

This model is designed to offer maximum energy efficiency and precise water temperature control.

With Inverter technology, the heat exchanger automatically adjusts its capacity according to need, reducing energy consumption and ensuring a constant water temperature.

2. Horizontal Heat Exchanger with Touch Screen

Equipped with a touch screen interface, this horizontal heat exchanger makes it easy to monitor and adjust heating settings.

Its horizontal design makes it suitable for installations where vertical space is limited.

3. SD Titanium Heat Exchanger

This model stands out for its titanium construction, a material known for its excellent corrosion resistance and durability. It is an ideal option for salt or chlorine treated pools, offering reliable performance and a long service life.

4. Horizontal Heat Exchanger TH 10 220V Two-Phase

Designed to be efficient and compact, this horizontal heat exchanger is ideal for small to medium-sized pools. Its two-phase configuration allows flexible installation and adaptation to different electrical voltages.

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Sodramar Solar Heating Models

Sodramar Solar Collector Plate

Standing out in the market, Sodramar's solar panels have an exclusive system that prevents leaks and are ideal for areas with high solar incidence. They offer a sustainable and economical heating solution, working by directing water from the roof to solar collectors, where it is heated by the sun without using electrical energy.

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