Pool Heater – Inverter Heat Exchanger

Pool Heater - Heat Exchanger - SD Titanium

Pool Heater - TH Heat Exchanger with Touch Screen Wifi

Pool Heater – TH 10 Heat Exchanger

Sodramar innovates in swimming pool heating with efficient, durable and advanced heat exchangers.

Keep your pool warm at any time of year with our models:

  • Invert: Adjusts heating automatically, saving energy.
  • SD Titanium: Constructed from titanium for maximum strength and longevity.
  • TH with Touch Screen Wi-Fi: Allows remote temperature control via Wi-Fi.
  • TH 10: Ideal for smaller pools, offers fast and uniform heating.

Find the best in heat exchangers at Sodramar store!

Pool heating: Enjoy time in the pool all year round.