Pool Cover Models

Pool covers are essential for the maintenance, protection and energy efficiency of your leisure area.

Among the various benefits, the most notable are reduced water evaporation, reduced use of chemical products and protection against dirt and debris.

Sodramar offers a variety of covers designed to meet the different needs of pool owners.

What is the best pool cover?

Choosing the ideal cover depends on the main use of the pool, the region's climate and the available budget.

Thermal covers are excellent for maintaining the water temperature in heated pools, while protective covers are ideal for keeping the pool clean and safe.

Thermal Pool Cover

thermal cover

A Thermal Pool Cover Sodramar is essential for heated pools, offering excellent value for money.

It floats on the water without needing to be fixed, and can be adapted to any shape of pool.

This cover reduces heat loss, reduces evaporation, saves on chemicals and can increase water temperature by up to 4°C.

Its use results in significant energy savings and increases the durability of the heat exchanger.

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Sodramar thermal cover differentials

  • Reduces water evaporation by up to 97%
  • Prevents dirt from falling into the pool
  • Reduces consumption of chemicals
  • Raises the water temperature by up to 4°
  • Reduces heat loss by 75%
  • Increases the lifespan of the heat exchanger

Swimming Pool Protection Cover

protection case

A Protection case Sodramar is the ideal solution for keeping the pool clean and safe, protecting it from leaves, dust and dirt brought by the wind.

Made with two layers of vinyl blankets reinforced by a weave of polyester threads, this cover is highly resistant and durable.

Made to measure, it is reinforced around its perimeter and fixed to the edge of the pool, ensuring greater safety and protection. It also includes a drain system to drain rainwater.

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