Caring for your vinyl

Now that you know Sodramar vinyl flooring, you already know which thickness is recommended for each purpose, learn now what are the essential care for the conservation of Sodramar vinyl flooring.
There are some essential care that need to be followed, which we call chemical treatment, physical treatment and edge cleaning.

Constant maintenance is the most important factor in keeping your pool water clean, healthy and crystal clear.

  • Balanced water does not cause any irritation to the skin, eyes and does not damage equipment;

  • Clean and transparent water, crystalline and good-looking;

  • Healthy, coloring-free water, free of odors and microorganisms;

Do not abandon a routine of cleaning the water, because then it can turn green, if this occurs, you will have more work to recover it and it will also be more expensive. In addition, poorly treated water is a great transmitter of diseases, such as: otitis, conjunctivitis, hepatitis, herpes, ringworm.

Create a cleaning routine, where you will check the following items:

  • Filtration time, according to the filter in relation to the volume of the pool (see your filter manual);

  • Measure PH and Chlorine to make use of chemicals when necessary;

  • Always follow the instructions for use of the products used by the manufacturers (chemicals);

  • Vacuum the pool whenever necessary


Chemical treatment.

To have a balanced water it is necessary to maintain the adjustment of the total alkalinity and the PH and Calcium Hardness.
Chlorination ensures that the pool is free from bacteria, viruses and fungi.
We recommend the use of granulated chlorine well dissolved in a bucket of water, following the amounts specified by the manufacturer and the volume of the pool, the chlorine and water mixture should be poured regularly at different points in the pool, and the circulation system of water must be activated for at least 12 hours or until the entire volume of water is filtered.
When traveling, the pool must be cleaned and chlorinated and after 12 hours covered with a cover.
Ideally, the pool should have an automatic filtration system, as it is necessary to recirculate it at least once a week.
Important information: under no circumstances empty the Sodramar vinyl flooring completely. Below we will present solutions for water treatment. The coating, if completely emptied, can be deformed, if necessary, it must be carried out by specialized technicians.
Optimal levels of chlorine, alkalinity and PH of the pool water


*In swimming pools for commercial or collective (public) use, keep a technician responsible for water treatment, who records the control of the pool's PH daily in a book (decree 5.711/02 cc Law 13.331/01).


Water balance:

To have a balanced water, PH / Alkalinity / Stabilizer and Calcium Hardness controls are necessary.

PH info:

What is PH control for?
To know if the water is acidic (PH less than 7) if the water is neutral (PH equal to 7) or if the water is basic (PH greater than 7).

What is the ideal PH?
The safe PH is in the range of 7.2 to 7.8, but the ideal is to keep between 7.4 to 7.6
If it is out of the specified specifications, how do I correct it?
If the PH is low, that is, with acidic water, the soda is used to raise it. (consult the manufacturer for the quantity to be used).
If the PH is high, that is, with basic water, the PH reducer is used to lower it. (consult the manufacturer for the quantity to be used).

Information about Total Alkalinity:

Total alkalinity is nothing more than the sum of the concentrations of various alkaline salts mixed with water and they are what give stability to the PH.
Very alkaline water has a hard time lowering the PH. Recommended Alkalinity is between 80 to 120 ppm.

How do I increase the alkalinity of water?
It is necessary to use a PH stabilizer. (Consult the manufacturer about the amount to be used).

How do I lower the alkalinity of the water?
It is necessary to use an acidulant. (Consult the manufacturer about the amount to be used).

Calcium Hardness Information:

Calcium hardness, on the other hand, is the sum of concentrations of calcium salts mixed with water, combined with alkalinity when the PH is high, leaving the water turbid.
The recommended calcium hardness is 200 to 400 ppm

How do I increase the calcium hardness level?
A calcium hardness promoter must be used (Consult the manufacturer about the amount to be used).

How do I lower the calcium hardness level?
In this case there is no product to promote it. It will be necessary to replace the water with another of low calcium hardness. But according to previous information, it will be necessary to carry out this change gradually, since the coating should not be completely emptied.


Frequent problems in chemical treatment that can cause irreversible damage to the coating. 

Do not use floating or automatic chlorinators in the treatment of vinyl coated pools, as any lack of control in the dosage or accident will cause irreversible damage to the coating.
Excess chlorine or concentrated chlorine without water circulation causes severe damage to the vinyl, which excludes the product from the warranty granted by the factory.
Do not put chemical products in the water and then install the thermal or protection cover, this damages the material and reduces the product's useful life, always wait for the chemical products to completely dissipate, control the water quality and only install the cover if the chemical levels are normal (as shown in the table).


The heating of the vinyl covering must be carried out by a heat exchanger system or solar heating, Sodramar does not authorize the use of any other heating device other than those specified.
In swimming pools with a heating system, never use the 0,6mm thick vinyl liner  the one specified by Sodramar is 0,8mm / 0,85mm and 1,50mm according to the application table.


Accidental cuts or holes in most cases are not necessary to empty the pool, as the repair can be carried out in a simple way.
Look for your nearest Sodramar dealer and ask a technician for help to carry out the repair or purchase a repair kit. The repair is simple, performed vinyl on vinyl with a cold solder.
Any problem that may occur in the structure, such as: cracks, cracks, among others, must be reported to the company responsible for the construction of the structure. The attempts to corrections carried out without the technical follow-up of a reseller can lead to even greater problems.


Masonry or cradle:

Problems such as cracks, fissures or cracks, or any other structural problem in the pool must be promptly corrected.

However, removing the vinyl lining, the return and suction devices, the bottom drain or the profile, may cause irreversible damage to the lining. We recommend that you first consult the company that sold and installed the equipment. We remind you that improper handling, carried out by unauthorized persons, may aggravate the damage and exclude the best possibility of recovery.

The finish of the masonry that is in contact with the vinyl must have the perfect finish, according to the guidelines in Swimming Pool Construction. If there are irregularities in the structure, when performing the physical treatment with the vacuum cleaner, it may cause holes in the coating or you may remove the stamping, leaving some white dots.


The first step is to let the water subside until it stagnates.

If the water goes down to the devices, the leak is probably occurring in the devices or in the filter system; if the pool is completely drained, it is a sign that the problem is located in the drain. If the water level remains at a certain point, a visual inspection should be carried out at that point, where a hole or tear is likely to be found. It is worth remembering that the replacement of the water in the pool, which may have been emptied for repairs to the coating, is the responsibility of the owner.

physical treatment

The physical cleaning of the pool is another point that some basic care must be taken.
The vinyl flooring must be vacuumed by vacuum cleaners with soft bristles and rounded corners, never use wheel or ball vacuum cleaners. Careful operation is essential, avoid shocking  the vacuum cleaner against the pool walls abruptly so as not to damage the coating.
Always use Sodramar vinyl pool accessories, which are specially designed to meet this need.

Edge cleaning

Cleaning the edge must be done within 24 hours of using the pool by bathers, this procedure avoids the impregnation of suntan lotion and protectors on the edge of the coating.
To perform the cleaning, an edge cleaner must be used, this procedure is specific for cleaning dirt adhered to the coating. Simply place it on a soft, non-abrasive sponge and scrub the clean areas, then rinse with the pool water itself.


It is essential to take preventive measures to avoid these factors that cause stains.

The inappropriate use of chemical products can subject the coating to lose its natural color and stiffen it, in which case it is necessary to proceed with the total replacement of the vinyl coating. When accidents occur with the misuse of chlorine, above the recommended level, the material must be subjected to a technical evaluation, if there is a possibility of fusion of the vinyl by the solder, a partial recovery of the coating may eventually be carried out.

Dark spots from fungi and bacteria

In certain types of soil, the emergence of fungi and bacteria or any type of soil host microorganism can cause dark spots on the coating.
Therefore, before starting the work or installing the coating, ask the builder to carry out a careful analysis of the soil, analyzing the propensity for the emergence of these microorganisms, and if necessary, carry out a waterproofing and specific treatment on the walls that will receive the coating.

Avoid Wrinkles:

The wrinkles in the vinyl pool can occur due to some accidents that occurred in it. The material may contain small holes that allow water to pass through, forming water bubbles, which after dissolving, form wrinkles in the vinyl.

Another probable cause can be in the pool level devices, where in their absence or misuse it allows water to overflow and pass behind the vinyl and settle in the bottom, repeating the same process as the holes.

It is not recommended to leave the material with water behind for more than a week, as the material may undergo a swelling process.

Another cause of wrinkles can be the lack of water in the pool, it is worth remembering that the vinyl pool should never be emptied.

It is possible that wrinkles may form during installation, to avoid and prevent this problem, the installer will tension the vinyl coating as much as possible, leaving in many cases, some places such as corners for example, a little far from the masonry. . This is normal practice and does not represent a defect.

The incorrect use of chemical products, disregard for the time of water recirculation and the use of automatic chlorinators, cause fading and small wrinkles.



The coating must be installed within a maximum period of 30 days after making it, if not, it is subject to creases, temporary marks and, after installation, even deformation may occur.

Consult the coating manual for reasons for excluding the coating warranty.


It is worth remembering that the coatings are printed. In some cases, there may be a misalignment of the stamping (especially in the tiles) between the wall and the bottom in structures that have two depths, in the wall and bottom of structures that are out of the square, at the bottom of beaches, steps and the bottom of structures that have plumb and out of square.