What is vinyl siding?

You are about to discover the best vinyl coating on the market for swimming pools, chosen by retailers in a vote carried out by ANAPP (Association of Manufacturers and Constructors of swimming pools and the like). Vinyl is PVC supplied in coils.

Vinyl lining is a product obtained from a process of transformation or manufacturing of PVC coils into pool lining.

Vinyl is used to cover the walls and bottom of swimming pools, drinking water reservoirs, which have a structure (steel, wood, injected plastics, fiber, EPS blocks and conventional masonry), and can also be used in masonry pools covered with tiles. and/or glass inserts that present structural or waterproofing problems (consult our specialists).

Vinyl siding can be made in any shape, size, with various printing options and thicknesses as determined by the manufacturer and its application.

This coating is sold in one piece or more depending on the project and the dimensions of the structure and they are welded with radiofrequency machines or can be sold in coils where the application is carried out on site with machines that perform thermofusion by hot air.

The installation of a vinyl covering made in the factory is carried out through a suction system, which creates a vacuum between the covering and the masonry structure and with the help of the installer, who will mold the covering in order to comply with the details of the crib. swimming pool, through the suction process the vinyl acquires the shape of the structure, thus fulfilling its role of covering the walls and bottom of the structure.

As for the installation of a vinyl coating carried out on site, the material is supplied in coils, where the installer applies the material according to the shape of the structure, using machines that perform thermofusion by hot air.

Sodramar vinyl flooring

Sodramar is proud to be recognized as the best vinyl coating company in the national market and for that we make heavy investments to bring more and more cutting-edge products to the market.

We work with the best raw material in the national market, our concern is to provide the best product and for that we invest heavily in technology and in the qualification of our employees.

Our warranty is 36 months or 3 years for coatings with a thickness of 0,6mm / 0,8mm / 0,85mm /1,00mm and 60 months or 5 years for coatings with a thickness of 1,50 mm. (See link coating and its applications).

In partnership with some of the main designers in São Paulo, we develop the most beautiful prints in the national market in an exclusive way, always following trends and listening to the market through research.

To carry out the manufacturing projects, Sodramar has an exclusive software, which generates 3D projects and floor plans, so that the shopkeeper can check the project before it is made.

Our electronic cut gives the perfect finish to the vinyl coating and if the beauty of the prints and the concern with the finish of the cut weren't enough, Sodramar invests heavily and has CNC programmed machines that make the weld automatically and with perfection. which makes it almost imperceptible to notice.

Despite all the technology used in the production process, we provide constant training to employees so that we can print the desired quality at all stages of manufacturing your coating.

Sodramar vinyl flooring has an identification system called SIS (Sodramar Identification System). Fur SIS it is possible to obtain all the information about your vinyl covering, such as: (production order, manufacturing date, chosen print, format) it is possible to identify even the employees involved in the production process, this makes Sodramar have great control over all the operations.