Pool vinyl liner replacement

With the action of the sun and the recurring use of chemicals, every pool undergoes natural wear, whether vinyl, fiber or tile. Changing the vinyl coating can occur when the print has lost its tonality markedly.
Vinyl siding has an average life span of approximately 8 years if it follows all the requirements specified by the manufacturer.

If you already own a Sodramar vinyl siding, the exchange becomes even easier, just contact one of the resellers and provide the SIS (Sodramar Identification System) edge-engraved identification number of your siding, choose a print and in days your new coating will be ready. In the case of coverings made from a mold, the same will be necessary for fabrication, consult a Sodramar dealer.

Coating replacement procedure

1 – empty the pool;
2 – remove the coating to be replaced;
3 – replace the blanket or touch up the vermiculite if it is damaged;
4 – Install the new coating and change the flanges;
5 – Ready, your Sodramar coating will be ready to be used;

Pool Bottom:

Sodramar recommends using Bidin material as a blanket for the bottom.
In the case of swimming pools for public or commercial use, in swimming pools where there will be sports or hydromassage and in pools with a ramped and/or chamfered format, it is mandatory that the masonry is finished with vermiculite.

Pool Wall

It is of paramount importance that all pool walls are kept smooth and free from debris, dirt and irregularities that could damage the coating. Before installing the coating, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the structure that will receive the coating, vacuuming all corners and devices, checking with your hands the state of the entire finish, and in case of doubt, it is necessary that the service be redone, because a coating installed on poorly finished masonry will result in wrinkles, holes and loss of warranty.

To avoid having problems with the coating due to contamination of the soil by fungi and bacteria, proceed as follows:

• Check if there are any points that need a better finish and make it as smooth as possible. The suggestion is to apply mortar on the walls and bottom to obtain a better finish, in this case you can apply lime to the mortar before applying it:

    • Sand all the pool masonry, walls and floor, removing any excess lumps and sharp stones that could damage the coating:

    • After the above procedures are finished, we request a washing of the crib that will receive the coating (wall and bottom) with diluted liquid chlorine (70% chlorine and 30% water) or algaecide;

    • Wait for it to dry well;

    • Apply at least two coats of lime on the walls and back of the masonry crib;

    • It can be the lime used for painting (Magnesium Hydroxide);

    • Wait for it to dry well;

    • The masonry cradle must be clean and, if necessary, vacuum the entire bottom so that there are no cement stones between the masonry cradle and the covering;

    • Carry out the inspection analyzing if all the procedures above were carried out and immediately afterwards carry out the installation of the coating.

When installing vinyl siding in tile pools, it is mandatory to remove all the tile from the bottom and apply vermiculite. This prevents the vinyl from slipping on the frame and making cuts, micro-punctures or doing any kind of irreversible damage to the vinyl.

We remind you that the replacement of the coating must be carried out by a Sodramar dealer.