08-masonry pools

Pools built in masonry and covered with tiles, need periodic maintenance. Over the years, soil movements, the use of chemicals and the action of the sun cause inevitable wear and tear and the cracks that appear between the tile grouts end up favoring permanent water infiltration.

Due to the characteristics of the construction, maintenance and repair costs are relatively high, in addition, in many cases, even if the necessary repairs and partial or total replacement of the tiles are carried out, there is no guarantee that the leaks will stop, because Infiltration by fissures is difficult to locate, as are structural cracks.

These problems are difficult to solve, just waterproofing is not enough to put an end to leaks and often the total reconstruction of the pool ends up being necessary… Not to mention the hydraulic network that will inevitably have to be rebuilt due to the demolition processes.

In situations such as those exposed above, the costs for new investments may be economically unfeasible with partial and even insoluble maintenance, with the aggravating factor that the time spent in each stage of reconstruction ends up being too long.

However, all this can be avoided quickly, intelligently and efficiently with a special touch of decoration that only the vinyl flooring can provide, with an incomparable economy of this alternative.

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1. Before any installation procedure of the vinyl flooring , all imperfections of the tile covering on the walls must be corrected with a thin mass or even the missing tiles must be replaced with special care for the necessary cleaning both inside the pool and around it, avoiding debris or small pebbles from falling and accumulate in the pool masonry box.

2. The bottom of the pool must be clean to receive, depending on its size, the coating with vermiculite, which are materials recommended to cushion the water pressure between the vinyl blanket and the pool floor, thus avoiding small imperfections in the floor and even small, imperceptible pebbles after the recommended cleaning may cause micro holes in the vinyl pocket after a certain period of use.

The vinyl installation processes are very simple and fast, just follow the Sodramar manufacturer's guidelines regarding the necessary procedures for this purpose.

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04-masonry pools

To install the suction and return devices, simply increase the diameter of the seat where the bases of the devices will be connected to the respective pipes and anchor these parts to the walls.

Before plastering with thin putty, the pieces of tape must be placed to cover the holes with threads at the base of the handles to prevent the plaster from penetrating and avoid problems with fixing the screws in the flange connections, preventing future leaks.

The above procedures are indicated for installing the bottom drain device base, as can be seen in the image below.

Installation consists of fitting the notched tape located at the end of the vinyl sheet to the profile until the perimeter is completed.

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06-masonry pools

Close to one of the corners, a small length of tape must be left without mounting the profile fitting; that is, an unfitted opening for the introduction of the vacuum cleaner hose, strategically placed for suction of the air existing between the structure and the vinyl; allowing the vinyl to be fixed to the structure by the action of the vacuum created during the process of filling the pool, providing a uniform coating, without wrinkles and with an excellent finish.

In the subsequent stage, the device flanges will finally be installed; as well as the bottom drain, which should already be submerged at this stage for the placement of the gasket and fixing the screws; where a stylet will be used for an X-shaped incision in the center of the drain hole for the definitive unobstruction of the water flow.

When the water level is close to the return and suction devices, the same procedures described above will be necessary, always remembering that the vacuum cleaner(s) must remain on until all installation processes are completed. of the flanges are carried out and that the water level already exceeds them.

After completing all the steps, the vacuum hose must be removed and the vinyl part open for vacuuming must be fitted to the profile and immediately locked. Soon after, the pool can be fully supplied with water.

After all the steps above, just enjoy your leisure time!

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08-masonry pools