Filters and Pumps for Residential and Commercial Swimming Pools

Having a swimming pool at home is the dream of many people, but to keep it always ready for use you need to invest in some care. One of them even concerns the choice of pump and filter for the pool, essential equipment in the water cleaning process.

The pool motor and filter kit are responsible for keeping the water free of impurities and microorganisms that could harm the health of swimmers. Pool pumps pump water to filters, elements made up of a series of mechanisms, such as sand filters, cartridges, baskets and filtering cells.

Through these mechanisms, the filters remove solid impurities from the water, which is returned to the clean pool.

Types of pool filters

There are several types of pool filters that participate in the process of cleaning and filtering the water. But to ensure efficient filtration, you need to choose the ideal model for your pool.

Check out the types of Sodramar pool filters below:

  • FM filters: manufactured for residential use, they have an anticorrosive thermoplastic tank, excellent resistance to internal pressures and filtering capacities ranging from 19 liters of water to 352 liters.
  • FVP filters: recommended for commercial use, for pools with up to 611 liters of water. To ensure efficient and safe filtration, the FVP is made of rotofilated fiberglass and there are no seams in its structure. Thanks to this, it withstands high internal pressures (above 2,5 kgf/cm²).
FM Filter Models

Types of pool pumps

There are basically three types of pool pumps: residential, commercial and hydromassage. Sodramar has the very latest in terms of motor pumps to assist in the cleaning process of your pool.

1. Pumps for residential pools

This is the most common type of pool motor, as it is recommended for residential use. It conducts pool water to the filter in a continuous process. After the water is filtered, it is returned to the pool, while a new shipment is conducted to the filter element. Sodramar offers the following models of self-priming pumps:

  • BM: line of motor pumps made up of plastic parts, open motor (Degree of protection – IP 21), power from 0,25 to 3,0 hp and plastic base to give greater stability to the product.
  • BMC: silent motor pumps, comprising an IP-55 shielded motor with copper winding, power from 0,25 to 3,0 hp, flameproof capacitor and plastic base for greater stability.

2. Pump for commercial swimming pools

They are powerful motor pumps, suitable for commercial and professional swimming pools. They carry out efficient filtering, with less energy consumption, less vibration and noise. In this category, Sodramar offers the following options:

  • BMS 500 and 700: self-priming pumps with high flow and 5,0 and 7,5 hp motors;
  • BMU: produced in engineering plastic and power from 2,0 to 4,0 hp;
  • BMS 200 and 300: it has a fiberglass monoblock body and power from 2,0 to 3,0 hp;
  • BMS 400 and 550: self-priming pumps, made of material resistant to internal pressures and corrosion, with high flow and armored motors from 2,0 to 5,5 hp.
Models of pumps for commercial and residential swimming pools

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