BMS 500 and 750 pump

Millennium Ultra Pump (BMU)

BM Super 200 and 300 pump

Pump BM Super 400 and 550 line A

The commercial swimming pool pump is made for large pools, such as clubs and hotels, driving the water to the filter for cleaning and helping with oxygenation and distribution of chlorine.

Types of pumps for commercial pools

In terms of pumps for commercial swimming pools, Sodramar offers the following solutions:

  • BMS 500 and 700: self-priming pumps with high flow and 5,0 and 7,5 hp motors;
  • BMU: produced in engineering plastic and power from 2,0 to 4,0 hp;
  • BMS 200 and 300: it has a fiberglass monoblock body and power from 2,0 to 3,0 hp;
  • BMS 400 and 550: self-priming pumps, made of material resistant to internal pressures and corrosion, with high flow and armored motors from 2,0 to 5,5 hp.

What is the best commercial pool pump?

The best pump for these pools is the one with a speed variator, to save water and energy. Quality is essential and Sodramar pumps are made with resistant materials and are certified by INMETRO.

To buy, you need to consider the dimensions and volume of water in the pool. To calculate the volume, multiply the width, length and depth of the pool. Use this value to choose the proper pump.

At Sodramar, you will find a variety of motor pumps for the needs of your leisure area, with interest-free installments of up to 6 installments.

Pool pump: High efficiency and Total control of water circulation.