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Residential pool pump is essential for pool water maintenance and cleaning.

It works in conjunction with the filter, driving the pool water so that the filter can retain impurities, keeping the water moving and distributing chlorine evenly.

Types of pumps for residential pools

Get to know the different models of motor pumps for residential swimming pools:

  1. BM pump: Composed of plastic parts and an open engine (IP 21), it has power from 0,25 to 3,0 hp and a plastic base for greater stability.
  2. BMC pump: Silent motor pumps, with shielded IP-55 motor and copper winding, with power from 0,25 to 3,0 hp, flameproof capacitor and plastic base for stability.

What is the best residential pool pump?

The best pump for a residential pool is the one that balances cost and benefit, has adequate power for the volume of water in the pool and fits within your budget.

Quality is also important, Sodramar pumps are made with resistant materials, have excellent flow rates and are certified by INMETRO.

To buy the right pump, you need to know the volume of water in the pool.

Calculate this by multiplying the width of the pool by the length and depth. The result will be the volume of water in m³.

At Sodramar, you will find residential pumps and other accessories for swimming pools, with installments of up to 6 interest-free installments.

Pool pump: High efficiency and Total control of water circulation.