FVP Filter 180

FVP Filter 100, 120 and 140

The commercial pool filter removes impurities from the water in collective pools and is more efficient than the residential filter. It is made of resistant material, withstands high internal pressure and maintains water quality in conjunction with a powerful motor pump.

What are the types of commercial pool filters?

Sodramar supplies high quality filters for commercial swimming pools, made of fiberglass and resistant to pressures above 2,5 kgf/cm². They are sand filters, which filter water efficiently.

The models offered by Sodramar for commercial swimming pools are:

1. FVP 180 filter

Ideal for large pools, it filters up to 756 liters of water in up to 6 hours.

2. FVP 100, 120 and 140 filters

Developed to work with Sodramar's Millenium Pump (BMU), they have a high flow rate and efficient filtration due to their permanent filter medium.

In addition, they offer 6 different functions. Filtering capacity varies by model:

  • FVP 100: filters up to 237 liters of water;
  • FVP 120: filters up to 339 liters of water;
  • FVP 140: filters up to 458 liters of water.

Pool filters: the complete solution for always clean and healthy water.