FM Filter for Residential Pool

FM-100 Filter for Residential Pool

FMS filter with side valve

Cart with FM-30 Filter and BM-25 Pump

The residential pool filter is essential equipment in the daily lives of those who have a leisure area with a swimming pool. The equipment is part of the pool maintenance process and acts by removing solid waste that is suspended in the water, through internal mechanisms capable of retaining dirt.

For this to be possible, the filter needs a motor pump to drive the water to it and push it back into the pool, already clean.

In this way, the filters and pumps make the water cleaner and healthier for bathers and act in the chemical treatment process, as they keep the water moving and help spread the chlorine evenly.

Types of residential pool filters

Although they perform the same function, which is to filter the water, filters for residential pools have different capacities. Check below the possibilities offered by Sodramar:

1. FM filter

Sodramar's model FM residential pool filter has an anticorrosive thermoplastic tank, excellent resistance to internal pressures and a filtering capacity that varies from 19 liters of water to 352 liters.

2. FMS filter with side valve

Recommended for smaller machine rooms, the FMS residential pool filter has a filtering capacity for up to 156 liters of water.

3. FM-100 filter

The FM-100 filter features ergonomic design, high strength, durability and better filtering quality. It was designed for pools of up to 250 liters of water and must be used in conjunction with a motor pump with a power of 3,0 hp.

4. Sodramar portable filter with trolley

The Sodramar portable filter kit is the solution for those looking for practicality and economy.

The kit comprises a Millenium FM-30 model filter for pools of up to 30 liters of water, a Millenium BMC-25 model pump (1/4 hp) and a carbon steel trolley with special anti-corrosion paint. The equipment is already assembled and ready to use.

Pool filters: the complete solution for always clean and healthy water.