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Immerse yourself in modernity: Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming pool lighting is an essential factor in ensuring the safety, comfort and beauty of your leisure area.

With it, you can enjoy your pool at night, create different visual effects and enhance your property in a modern and practical way. In practice, it creates a pleasant, safe and beautiful environment and can have different colors, intensities and effects.

More and more LED lighting fixtures are establishing themselves as the best option for lighting a swimming pool, because they offer the best cost-benefit ratio on the market and also because they offer effects that are not similar to any other form of lighting for swimming pools.

Sodramar innovated once again and developed the most complete pool lighting line on the market. There are several models to meet any and all needs.

1. SMD

The LED luminaires SMD are extremely efficient, illuminate areas from 6m² to 36m² with minimal energy consumption and an excellent cost-benefit ratio. SMD technology allows a greater number of colors to be achieved with better definition. With it, all light emitters come in any color, different from conventional LEDs that already have a predefined color. The SMD line is available in both monochrome and RGB (color changing) models.


2. Hyper LED

For those looking for sophistication and design, the ideal LED luminaire is the Hyper LED. With an ABS body, stainless steel front finish and smaller dimensions compared to other reflectors on the market, it is a unique and ideal line for those looking for a discreet and exclusive product. In addition to all the aesthetic qualities of the product, it guarantees lighting from 14m² to 18m². The range is available in monochrome and RGB (color changing) models.


3. Cob LED

The Led Cob models are compact, discreet and have the best technology available on the market, they have a polished 316 stainless steel finish and ABS. They illuminate from 12m² to 25m², with an opening of up to 150°, they are compatible with 20mm tubes and adaptable to 25mm and 50mm.

All models are easy to install, as they are made by fitting into the pipe.

4. Traditional

Traditional lighting aims to illuminate the pool with a white light beam. The traditional reflector is found in vinyl, masonry and fiber pools, and it is the universal iodine reflector.

With it, light can travel long distances in or around the pool, in or out of the water. Its manufacture follows Sodramar quality standards.