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LED COB lamp 10w RGB INOX 316

Led luminaire ECO 9 w RGB Plastic

ECO led luminaire 4,5w RGB Plastic

LED luminaire COB 5w RGB ABS

Hyper led 9w RGB ABS body / INOX front

Hyper led 9w RGB ABS body / ABS front

SMD 5w RGB Led Luminaire

SMD 9w RGB Led Luminaire

White Monochromatic 9w Led Fixture

Led luminaire SMD 11w RBG

SMD 36w RGB Led Luminaire

White Monochromatic 36w Led Fixture

Sodramar's LED luminaires are an excellent choice for those who want to enhance their pool, combining functionality and aesthetics. 

They offer nighttime safety with improved visibility, as well as creating attractive environments with a variety of colors and lighting effects. 

They are also economical, with efficient energy consumption and long durability.

Features of LED pool lights include:

  • Colors: Models range from monochrome to RGB with color control via Wi-Fi.
  • Formats and Sizes: Round or square options to match the pool design.
  • Installation: They can be installed submerged or externally, all with high security.
  • Power Rating: Various options to illuminate pools of all sizes.

Types of LED luminaires offered by Sodramar:

  • Eco RGB LED: Compact and versatile.
  • Cob RGB LED: Available in stainless steel or ABS.
  • Hyper LED: With elegant design.
  • SMD RGB LED: Variety of powers.

When choosing an LED luminaire, it is important to consider the size of the pool, the type of installation and color preferences.

Additional features, such as remote controls and connectivity, can be a differentiator. 

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