Accessories for Cleaning and Water Treatment


Sodramar has a complete line of products for cleaning and water treatment, all to keep your pool perfect and ready for your family's leisure. There are several products such as sieves, brushes, vacuum cleaners, cables, hoses and much more to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your pool, in the water treatment line we have Chlorine Generators, Ultraviolet, Chlorine Dosers and Floating Dosers.



Accessories for Cleaning and Maintenance

We also offer the best products for cleaning and maintaining your pool. Sodramar is synonymous with quality standards, always developing products to meet your needs.

our line of cleaning and maintenance accessories pool has: Vacuum Cleaners, Sieves, Cleaning Kit, Brushes, Vacuum Hoses, Adapters and Tips (for vacuuming), Telescopic Handles (for cleaning your pool), Test Kit (to measure the quality of the water in your pool). ), Chlorinator and Chlorine Doser (for pool water treatment).

Treatment Accessories

Concerned with the well-being of your entire family, we offer the best products for the care of your pool. Products developed through the best technologies, providing quality and pioneering spirit.

We make it available for pool treatment: Ultraviolet Treatment, Chlorine Generator GS-20 and GS-45.

All the lines presented were developed to meet all types of pools: Vinyl, Fiber or Masonry, whether commercial or residential.