Slim vacuum cleaner for vinyl, fiber and masonry pools

Flexible 8 Wheels Vacuum Cleaner

Jumbo Clean Vacuum. 3 wheels

Jumbo Vacuum Cleaner Brush for vinyl, fiber and masonry pools

Boomerang vacuum cleaner for vinyl, fiber and masonry pools

Asa Delta vacuum cleaner for vinyl, fiber and masonry pools

Ball vacuum cleaner for fiberglass and masonry pools

Vacuum cleaner 8 Wheels for fiberglass and masonry pools

Big Brush Vacuum Cleaner

Big 03 Wheels Vacuum Cleaner

Olympic vacuum cleaner 4 wheels

16 wheel vacuum cleaner

Big Sphere Vacuum Cleaner

F-3000 vacuum cleaner with rechargeable battery

Sodramar offers a wide range of pool vacuum cleaners, designed to keep the water always clean and inviting. Models designed for different types and sizes of pools.

Pool vacuum cleaner models

Versatile Vacuum Cleaners: They include the Slim, Boomerang and Asa Delta models, ideal for vinyl, fiberglass and masonry pools, ensuring complete cleaning in every corner.

Vacuum Cleaners with Wheels: Models such as 8 Wheels, 8 Wheels for Fiber and Masonry, 16 Wheels, Jumbo Cleaning 3 Wheels and Big 03 Wheels offer greater mobility, gliding smoothly along the bottom of the pool.

Vacuum Cleaners for Comprehensive Cleaning: The Jumbo Brush and Big Brush models are perfect for comprehensive cleaning, covering large areas and effectively removing dirt.

Special vacuum cleaners for fiberglass and masonry pools: The Esfera and Big Esfera vacuum cleaners are specifically designed for these types of pools, providing effective cleaning with a unique design.

Innovation in Automatic Vacuuming: The F-3000 Vacuum Cleaner with Rechargeable Battery is ideal for those looking for convenience, cleaning independently.

All Sodramar vacuum cleaners are made with high quality materials, ensuring durability and resistance to frequent use of chemical products for water treatment.

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Pool Vacuum Cleaner: Choose the Ideal Model for Your Needs