Automatic Doser 4kg

Chlorine dispenser 2 kg automatic for swimming pools

Keep your pool water crystal clear and healthy with the advanced technology of Sodramar's chlorine dosers.

Designed to ensure precise release of chlorine, these devices ensure effective water treatment, maintaining its chemical balance with ease and efficiency.

Sodramar chlorine doser models

1. Automatic Chlorine Doser 4kg

Ideal for larger pools, this doser has a capacity for 4kg of chlorine, promoting uniform distribution and reducing maintenance frequency.

Its efficiency and practicality make it an excellent choice for those looking for convenience without compromising quality.

2. Automatic 2kg Chlorine Doser

Designed for pools of different sizes, this 2kg capacity model combines ease and efficiency. Its automatic system ensures that the water is always treated, perfect for continuous use.

How to buy Chlorine Doser for Swimming Pool?

When choosing a chlorine dispenser for your pool, consider the size of the pool and frequency of use.

Our experts are ready to help you find the most suitable model that meets your specific water treatment needs.

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