GS-15 Salt-Based Chlorine Generator

GS-20 Salt-Based Chlorine Generator

GS-45 Salt-based Chlorine Generator

Salt Measuring Device

zinc anode

Keep your pool water pure and sanitized with Sodramar's chlorine generators, which transform common salt into chlorine through electrolysis, eliminating the need to buy chlorine.

Sodramar offers a variety of models suitable for pools of all sizes.

Sodramar chlorine generator models

  1. GS-15: Compact, ideal for small and medium-sized residential pools, it automates water cleaning.
  2. GS-20: Suitable for medium-sized pools, offers intensive treatment and reduces maintenance.
  3. GS-45: For large swimming pools, it guarantees effective treatment for large volumes of water.
  4. Salt Meter Device: Monitors salt concentration, essential for the proper functioning of generators.
  5. Zinko Anode: Protects against corrosion, extends the useful life of equipment.

How to buy the Chlorine Generator?

When selecting a chlorine generator for your pool, consider the size and use of the pool. Additionally, consider using accessories such as a salt meter and zinko anode to keep the system in perfect working order.

Check out the best chlorine generators for swimming pools in Sodramar store!

Chlorine Generator: Never buy chlorine again