Luxury Metal Sieve

Plastic Sieve Plus

Slim Sieve

Leaf Cat Sieve

Luxury Pelican Sieve

Metal Sieve - Puça Type

Pelican Sieve Metal Frame

Keep your pool spotless with Sodramar's line of sieves, developed to meet all cleaning needs with efficiency and practicality.

Sodramar offers a variety of sieves, including metal, plastic and Pelican models, each designed for effective cleaning and effortless removal of debris and leaves.

1. Metal Sieves

They stand out for their durability and efficiency. The Luxo sieve combines style and functionality, while the Puça is distinguished by its unique design, both of which are efficient in capturing dirt.

2. Plastic Sieves

Designed for reliable performance and easy handling. The Plus offers practical cleaning, the Slim is ideal for difficult-to-access areas, and the Cata Folha is especially effective in capturing leaves and debris.

3. Pelican Sieves

With a high-quality metal frame, these sieves guarantee robustness, durability and efficiency in cleaning the pool, keeping the water free of impurities with ease.

How to buy a pool strainer?

When choosing the ideal screen, it is important to consider the size of the pool, the most common type of debris, as well as the strength, durability and ease of use of the product.

Sodramar is dedicated to offering high quality products, ensuring your pool remains clean and inviting with frequent use.

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