As provided in our Privacy Policy for the Processing of Personal Data, Sodramar has its cookies policy smoothly and clearly in order to clarify exactly which programs your data are subject to, so that your acceptance is unequivocal and conscientious. For awareness purposes, let's define some terms:
Cookies are small text files that are automatically downloaded to your device when you access and browse a website. They basically serve to make it possible to identify user devices, activities and preferences. Cookies do not allow any file or information to be extracted from the user's hard drive, and it is also not possible, through them, to have access to personal information that has not come from the user or the way in which he uses the resources of the site. , for clarification purposes, we define that there are three types of cookies on our website.

The. website cookies

Website cookies are those sent to the user's computer or device and administrator exclusively by the website.
The information collected through these cookies is used to improve and personalize the user experience, and some cookies may, for example, be used to remember user preferences and choices, as well as to offer personalized content.

B. Third-party cookies

Some of our partners may set cookies on the devices of users who access our website.
Update: 30/07/2021 PL-005-CP Version 01 These cookies, in general, aim to enable our partners to offer their content and services to the user who accesses our website in a personalized way, by obtaining navigation data. extracted from your interaction with the site.
The user will be able to obtain more information about third-party cookies and the way in which the data obtained from them are treated, in addition to having access to the description of the
cookies used and their characteristics, by accessing the following link:
Google reCAPTCHA:
The entities responsible for collecting cookies may transfer the information
obtained from third parties.

ç. Cookie management

The user may oppose the registration of cookies by the website, simply by deactivating this option in their own browser. More information on how to do this in some
of the main browsers used today can be accessed from the following links:

Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox:
Update: 30/07/2021 PL-005-CP Version 01
The deactivation of cookies, however, may affect the availability of some tools and functionalities of the website, compromising their correct and expected functioning. Another possible consequence is the removal of user preferences that may have been saved, harming your experience. Use of Third-Party Cookies

For your understanding, some functions within our websites we use third party providers, for example when visiting an embedded video page from or coming from YouTube. These videos may contain cookies, and we do not recommend consulting the privacy policies of third parties on their websites for information regarding their use of cookies.

Acceptance or not of cookies policy To do so, simply choose to reject all or block all specified types of cookies configured through your visit to our website, or third parties by changing your browser settings. Some browsers automatically accept cookies, so it's up to you to delete or
Block cookies actively, however this procedure may lead to the shutdown of functions that may not work properly and guarantee the results expected by the company.