Flat Pratic Devices in 316 Stainless Steel

Model Minimum flow - maximum m3/h Tubo
Premium Flat Aspiration Device 0-9 50 mm
Premium Flat Return Device 2,2 – 6,6 50 mm
Premium Flat Hydromassage Device 2,2 – 6,6 50 mm
Premium Flat Wave Breaker 0 – 1,12 50 mm

ATTENTION! 304 stainless steel products must not be installed in swimming pools treated with a salt-based chlorine generator, or in coastal regions due to exposure to the sea air. We recommend 316 stainless steel products in these situations.

Flat Vacuum Device for Masonry Pool

The Premium Flat Vacuum Device can be installed directly on the 50mm tube. With compact and innovative design, it becomes discreet and efficient inside your pool.

The device is made to fit into 50mm tubing.

Return Devices Flat steel 316 for masonry pool

The Return Device for Masonry Pool is a product of excellent quality and whose main function is to return the volume of water to the pool generated by the motor pump. The product works together with the hydromassage device, which is perfect for massaging the bather's body through the return of air/water to the pool, and the suction device, which captures the pool's water to feed the pool's filtering system. and which must serve as a suction coupling for the bottom of the pool. When you buy your Masonry Pool Return Device you will have a fast and safe delivery to your door.,

Flat steel 316 Hydromassage Devices for masonry pool

So that you can enjoy your leisure time in your pool even more, the Masonry Pool Hydromassage Device is a product that guarantees an excellent option of relaxation and fun for your moments with your family and friends in the pool. The product has a discreet and modern design, which does not draw much attention. Hydromassage Device for Masonry Pool generates a jet of water that massages the bather's body, ensuring a lot of relaxation and fun.

Flat steel 316 wave break drain for masonry pool

When installing it, it must be positioned so that the water slide is centered on the piece, thus preventing the pool from overflowing. The device is made to fit into 50mm tubing.