Standard Silver/Stainless Devices For vinyl pools

Model Min Flow - Max m³/h Tubo
Standard Silver/ Stainless steel suction device 0-9  1.1 / 2 "
Return Device Standard Silver/ 2,2 – 6,6 1.1 / 2 "
Standard Silver/Stainless hydromassage device 3,4 – 7,9 1.1 / 2 "
Ralo Quebra Onda Standard Silver/Inox For vinyl pools 0 – 1,2 1.1 / 2 "

Standard Silver/Stainless suction device For vinyl pools

For swimming pools, the suction devices have a fundamental function, being responsible for capturing the water from the pool, directing it to the filtering system, in addition to being the main point for coupling the hose, which, connected to the vacuum cleaner, will carry out the cleaning operation at the bottom of the pool. . Its installation must be positioned 20 to 40 cm below the water level. The location and distribution of the suction devices must be done in a way that allows the access of the vacuum to all points of the pool bottom. (according to ABNT standard n.º NBR 10.339). We can establish as a reference, whether to install the suction device in the center of the largest wall, taking into account the size of the pool for the dimensioning of the quantity.

Return Device Standard Silver / Stainless for vinyl pool

As well as the suction device, the return device also has an important role in the construction of a swimming pool, since through it the water already processed in the filter system is returned to the pool, in addition to producing a flow of water towards the strainer. (skimmer) and to the bottom drain or anti-vortex, promoting the equalized movement of water, contributing to its better oxygenation, and still having the role of homogenization; that is, uniform distribution of the mixture of chemicals used in the treatment of the pool water.


Standard Silver/Stainless hydromassage device For vinyl pools

So that you can enjoy even more of your leisure time in your pool, the Hydromassage Device for Vinyl Pool is a product that guarantees an excellent option for relaxation and fun for your moments with your family and friends in the pool. The product has a discreet and modern design, which does not draw much attention. Whirlpool Device for Vinyl Pool generates a jet of water that massages the bather's body, ensuring a lot of relaxation and fun.

Standard Silver/Stainless Wave Breaker Drain

When installing the Quebra Onda Pratic drain, it must be positioned so that the water blade is centered on the piece, thus avoiding overflowing the pool. The device is made to fit into 50mm tubing