lane for swimming pool

The Official Floating Lane is another item developed by SODRAMAR and has the function of marking the space determined for swimmers inside a pool. It is widely used in gym pools, clubs and swimming schools. Made with nylon rope, it has an ABS float and disc, available in white, red and blue, and sold separately. In its placement, the distance between the lanes must be adopted, which varies from 1,80 to 2,50 meters.

Description of the Swimming Pool Lane

The Raia para Piscina has its floats and discs made of ABS thermoplastic. The rope of the product is made of nylon, which provides a lot of lightness, strength and durability to the product. The Pool Lane is available in red, blue and white. It is worth mentioning that the Raia para Piscina does not suffer damages with treatments in the pool water, which makes the product even more resistant. All clubs and gyms that use the Swimming Pool Raia recommend its purchase, as the product is a very cheap and efficient way to demarcate swimmers' lanes.

How to use the Pool Lane

Often used by gyms and swimming schools, the swimming lane must be placed adopting a distance of 1,80 m to 2,50 m between the lanes. The great demand for the product is proof of all the efficiency and great cost-benefit of Raia for Swimming Pools.