The Escada Confort was specially designed for people who have limited mobility such as the elderly, obese or pregnant women. Its shape and size help in entering and exiting the pool, the double steps also facilitate access to the pool.
Made with high quality and resistant materials, Sodramar stairs have a handrail in polished and mirrored stainless steel with a diameter of 2; with steps made of stainless steel. All models come with ABS and rubber anchor bolts to back against the pool wall.

2” Comfort Stairs in 304 stainless steel with Double Inox Steps – for commercial use
3 Steps
4 Steps

ATTENTION! 304 stainless steel products must not be installed in swimming pools treated with a salt-based chlorine generator, or in coastal regions due to exposure to the sea air. We recommend 316 stainless steel products in these situations.