Chlorine Doser

The Chlorine Doser is an extremely practical and versatile product that automates the chemical treatment of your pool water, diluting the chlorine in tablets in the water in a controlled manner. This makes the cleaning process and the effectiveness of homogenizing the product with all the water much easier. With the Chlorine Doser, the work of treating your pool water is much easier and more practical. The product works with stabilized chlorine in tablets, diluting them in water periodically.

This accessory must be installed in the pool return pipe, after the filter and heater, (if any). Whenever possible, it is recommended to install the chlorinator above the water level of the pool.

Description of the Chlorine Doser

The dimensions of the Chlorine Doser are: 375 mm x 60 mm x 160 mm x 230 mm. The maximum pressure supported by the product during operation is 2,25Kgf/cm² or 32psi, while the maximum dissolution of chlorine tablets is 36g/h. The Chlorine Doser has a maximum capacity for residential pools of 300 m² or 300.000 l. The carrying capacity of the product is 2,0 kg of chlorine stabilized in tablets. It is worth mentioning that it is important to keep the alkalinity of the water between 80/100 ppm and the Ph between 7,4/7,8.