The Chlorine Generator - GS 45, automates the treatment of the pool with much more economy and ease. With it you will have a mini chlorine plant in your home, making your pool much more crystalline and healthier.
With it, just add salt to the pool and that's it, The GS-45 transforms salt into chlorine at the right dosage.

Through the device's panel, the GS-45 warns when it is necessary to add salt again to the pool.

Gs-45 is a product that can be considered an investment, as the value of salt is lower than that of traditional chlorine, in a short time you recover the value of the chlorine generator.


Chlorine is still the most used chemical in pool water treatment. It is very effective in fighting microorganisms, such as bacteria, but it must be placed and maintained in the right dosage.

Generally, the right amount of chlorine is estimated at 4 grams for 1.000 liters of water. Free chlorine does not cause any harm to health and must be kept in amounts between 1 and 3 ppm (parts per million). It is combined chlorine that often causes skin and eye irritation, and this risk increases when there is too much chlorine or too little free chlorine available.

To avoid these problems, it's worth buying a pool chlorine generator!

The chlorine generator for swimming pool

Sodramar offers the GS-45 chlorine generator. It is a device that automates water treatment, providing better results and greater savings for you, who do not have to buy chlorine frequently and run the risk of waste.

The procedure for operating the chlorine generator is very simple. Just add a little mineral salt and the device takes care of the rest – it does an “electrolysis” and turns the salt into chlorine.

The salt that turns to chlorine

The process of transforming salt into chlorine takes place by electrolysis. Mineral salt is called sodium chloride. The electrolysis process separates chlorine from sodium.

It looks like magic, but it's science.

And it's all done by the pool chlorine generator!

Savings for your pocket

With the chlorine generator, you can only win. You will have chlorine at your disposal for a much lower cost, as mineral salt is much cheaper than chlorine on the market.

It is certainly a cost-effective investment.

Chlorine in the right dosage

In addition, the generator produces chlorine in the right dosage, avoiding the generally harmful effects of too much or too little chlorine in the water.