Robot RB6 Sodramar for cleaning pools up to 12m

The RB6 WB Sodramar Cleaning Robot brings the most modern technology on the world market directly to your pool, with it the job of cleaning your pool comes down to putting the robot in the water and pressing just one button. It is capable of fully brushing a pool of up to 12m in length in up to 3 hours, and has a high retention capacity for dirt and micro particles, its brushing is very efficient, it completely brushes the walls and floor of the pool.

The RB6 WB is ideal for those who don't want to have to work with cleaning the pool or don't like having service providers in their home doing this work. Furthermore, vacuuming using the Robot is environmentally friendly, as it doesn't waste water or chemicals ( chlorine) as in some traditional cases.

Sodramar robots are essential for cleaning and treating the pool, the robot brushes the entire pool. Eliminating all the physical dirt from the pool, the chemical treatment benefits from the work of the Sodramar Swimming Pool Cleaning Robot.

Have this convenience at home and don't worry, the RB6 Robot has a 2-year Sodramar warranty. White brushes are not covered under warranty.
The robot brush is different from the video. All images are illustrative.