The thermal cover winder is produced in ABS with aluminum tubes it is an indispensable item For an easy handling of the thermal cover.
It consists of a stainless steel base and a set of 3 aluminum tubes measuring 1,75. The open winder has a total width of 4,35 m and supports a maximum thermal layer of 4,00×25,00 m.
With it, you can easily remove the pool cover and roll the product automatically. This way you avoid the inconvenience when removing and folding the cover, making your life easier at leisure.
The winder also increases the useful life of the thermal cover, as it prevents the cover from coming into contact with the floor.

How to use the Pool Cover Roller up to 4 x 25

The Pool Cover Roller up to 4 x 25 is extremely easy to use, and with it, you can remove the thermal cover from your pool, folding it automatically. With this, you will be able to enjoy moments of leisure without having to bother removing the cover with all the known difficulty.

Benefits of the Pool Cover Roller up to 4 x 25

Offering a lot of practicality in its use, the Pool Cover Winder up to 4 x 25 is an indispensable product for those who use a thermal cover in their pool. The model makes the removal of the same with extreme ease, and still has excellent durability and resistance. In addition, the low cost is another attractive feature of the model.