The floating thermometer is made of ABS, in the shape of a whale, has a mercury bulb, floats on the surface of the water, making it possible to check the temperature of the pool.

Floating Pool Thermometer

It is always important to be aware of the water temperature of your pool before enjoying leisure time. With the Floating Pool Thermometer, you can know the temperature of your pool in a very fun and efficient way, as the model has a whale shape

and very vivid colors, ideal for children who love to spend long hours in their pool. The model still has good flexibility and good resistance. With the Floating Pool Thermometer, you will always be aware of the temperature of your pool. The model is made with materials that float on the water, making it easy to find it on the surface of your pool.

Description of Floating Pool Thermometer

The Floating Pool Thermometer is made of ABS plastic, which guarantees a lot of resistance to the model, making it very durable. The product has a whale design on the upper part, while the lower part, in which the temperature is measured, the color of the product is yellow. The bright colors and the whale design on the top of the product make it perfect for children, who love to play with the Floating Pool Thermometer. The mercury bulb is extremely accurate in measuring water temperature.