The use of the sauna is a pleasant and relaxing habit. During the session, there is intense sweating caused by the increase in blood pressure and vasodilation, causing the impurities accumulated in the skin pores to be expelled, resulting in a deep cleaning of the skin.

For this to happen, the person needs to take a cold shower right after the sauna bath. This bath can be a shower or Swimmingpool, according to your preference.

In addition, with the relaxation of muscles, body and mind rested in the peaceful environment, the sauna fights insomnia and stress.

The sauna offers benefits not only for health, but is also a great leisure option, as it creates the opportunity to gather friends and family, in addition to valuing the leisure area and the residence.

The heat relieves rheumatic pain, arthritis and muscle pain and the steam generated by the sauna facilitates the elimination of secretions from the nose and bronchi, relieving respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and colds.


1. Steam Sauna

The steam generator was developed to provide comfort and sophistication in the sauna bath. With a complete line of state-of-the-art accessories, our equipment is ready to serve all those who are adept at health, beauty and well-being. They are models of Compact Line Inox Steam Generator, Steam Inox (for bathroom).

We will exemplify a simple environment for steam room, with its standards and essential accessories for comfort, safety and optimal operation of the device.

steam room

2. Dry Sauna

Heat Generator for dry sauna or Finnish sauna was developed to generate heat in dry sauna environments, the Sodramar oven is manufactured in galvanized carbon steel plate, with an external finish in mirrored 430 stainless steel plate; gutter for placing the stones, where greater heat retention is obtained; stainless steel resistance; exclusive hood system, for better heat direction, asbestos connection cables, among others.

A dry sauna, of Nordic origin before Christ, is a different environment from the wet sauna, as it must work with a heat-generating device, therefore, it needs a wooden covering so that the heat is retained.

dry sauna