Dry Sauna

Analog Control for Dry Sauna

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Wooden door for Dry Sauna

Dry Sauna bucket

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Stone for Dry Sauna (10 kg)

Thermometer for Dry Sauna

Sodramar's dry or Finnish sauna, covered in wood and with temperatures of up to 90°C, offers several health benefits, such as improving skin, blood circulation, breathing and relieving tension.

It works through a heat generator that heats the air without producing steam, with stone coverings to retain heat.

Sodramar offers several models of dry saunas, ideal for homes in cold climate regions:

  • Dry Sauna 4kw for up to 6m³
  • Dry Sauna 6kw for up to 10m³
  • Dry Sauna 7,5kw for up to 15m³
  • Dry Sauna 10kw for up to 20m³
  • Dry Sauna 12kw for up to 35m³

These generators are made of steel with stainless steel resistance and space for stones that retain heat.

Thermal insulation, hot air outlet, non-slip floor and protection around the generator are recommended.

Sodramar saunas serve 2 to 14 people, and it is important to choose a model suitable for the space and number of users. For guidance, Sodramar offers direct contact.

Check out the best heat generators for dry saunas in Sodramar online store.

Sauna: Increase your quality of life, health, relaxation and revitalization!