Steam Inox Sauna

Stainless steel compact line sauna

Universal Stainless Steel Sauna

The steam sauna, also known as a Turkish bath, is a relaxation and well-being option for homes.

Here at Sodramar you will find the best types of steam sauna models to apply the home resort concept in your home with the best cost-benefit on the market:

Compact Line Steam Sauna: Ideal for spaces from 6m³ to 50m³, it has a stainless steel reservoir and armored resistances, ranging from 6kW to 27kW. It can be installed in two-phase or three-phase systems and must be located outside the sauna environment.

Stainless Steel Steam Sauna: Developed for smaller spaces, such as apartments, this portable sauna suits environments from 6m³ to 18m³. Made from stainless steel, it is corrosion resistant and can be installed inside a bathroom stall.

Universal Steam Sauna: Similar to the Compact Line, but with heating capacity for spaces from 6m³ to 18m³. It requires an analog or digital command to work.

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