Pool Safety

Building swimming pools at home is a good way to have a leisure environment at your disposal whenever you want, indoors, on a specific plot of land. But building a personal entertainment space requires a well thought-out project. The project must consider all the details so that the result is the best possible and it is not necessary, later, to have to redo the work.

One way to avoid these problems is to think about the future possibilities of adding some equipment to the leisure area, thus leaving the project ready to receive innovations. In addition, it is essential to take into account the security criteria to avoid problems now or later.

FSB cap

The pool work must follow some safety standards, as you already know. One of them is the use of the FSB bottom drain cover, adaptable to any type of pool structure.

The suction system must contain at least two bottom drains, if it is a small pool, at a distance of at least 1,5 m from each other, with anti-trapping grids that prevent hair tangling. It is very important to dimension the water collection in order to reach the ideal amount of drains to have the proper flow and guarantee the safety of all users.


The protection fence is a product that improves the safety of the leisure area. If, in your home, there are children and pets, you will soon realize how efficient it is. It limits the perimeter of the pool, leaving it isolated. In this way, only authorized people will enter the space, who are already aware of the risks involved in the place.


Another device to keep in mind when building a swimming pool is the emergency button. When activated, it immediately suspends equipment activity. Thus, the integrity and life of bathers enjoy greater security. This shows how much automation contributes to optimizing the leisure area.

These tips will ensure more security in the swimming pool construction, considering from the choice of land, to the correct installation of the drain and the forecast of periodic maintenance.

What did you think of the post? Surely, you already care about the maintenance and safety of your pool. One of the main measures is to buy products only with factory safety. And take the opportunity to check out 5 pool safety tips to further reduce the risk of accidents!



The buoys are traditional and please most children. They are even used on beaches and on the high seas, as they ensure that the bather always remains afloat. The variety of models also allows you to choose differentiated products for your children. But the important thing is that it fulfills its role, that is, to offer safety in the pool, allowing more autonomy for children's games.

In addition to recreational use, it is interesting for commercial swimming pools to have a lifebuoy, it has reflective strips for use at night and it is also important to have ropes so that the person can hold on to them in case of need. A complementary accessory to the buoy is the lifesaver hook, a lightweight, easy-to-handle and effective product that can be useful for children, adults and animals alike.


For the fence to be complete and provide even more security in the pool, it is also convenient to invest in a gate with automatic lock. Why with automatic lock? Because we often forget to close the gate when we enter or leave the leisure area.