Stainless Steel Waterfall Shower 8″

Stainless Steel Waterfall Shower 12″

Waterfall Shower in Stainless Steel 25×25

Aluminum Waterfall Shower 8″

Aluminum Waterfall Shower 12″

Tubular Shower in Stainless Steel 2″ with 25×25 cm shower head

Square shower in stainless steel

4-arch stainless steel shower

Advance shower

Showers for swimming pools provide comfort and hygiene, in addition to adding an aesthetic touch to your leisure area.

Before diving, the shower eliminates impurities and chemical residues from the body, preserving the quality of the pool water and avoiding health problems.

After swimming in the pool, a shower removes chlorine and other substances that can damage skin and hair.

Types of Pool Showers

Sodramar offers a variety of showers for swimming pools, including:

  • Tubular Shower: 304 stainless steel round tube and square articulated waterfall.
  • Square shower: Square tube in stainless steel 304 and modern design.
  • Round Steel Waterfall Shower: available in sizes 8 "12", IWall installation, sophisticated design and waterfall effect.
  • Square Steel Waterfall Shower: Stainless steel non-electric shower, elegant design and articulation system.
  • Advance shower in stainless steel: Plastic wood base, sophisticated design, 3 water outlets and a mixer for water temperature.
  • Shower 4 Arches: 304 stainless steel, 4 arches that release water jets and square main shower.
  • Aluminum Waterfall Shower: Available in versions 8 e 12 inches. Ideal for various installation areas.

How to Choose the Ideal Shower for the Pool?

Choosing the ideal outdoor pool shower depends on your needs, such as frequency of use, water flow, design and manufacturing material.

It is important to consider the durability and resistance to chlorine and sea air in the case of swimming pools at the seaside or those treated with a salt-based chlorine generator.

Do you want to provide comfort and hygiene to your pool users and, at the same time, enhance your leisure area?

Discover the best offers pool showers from Sodramar. All of our models feature quality, innovative design and affordable prices.

Showers: the finishing touch for a refreshing and relaxing experience.